James Lee

Mehmet Karagöz

Software Engineer

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​An accomplished Software Engineer and developed variety of software, including mobile games, mobile applications, restful api etc..



Penguen is a humor and caricature application.

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Anlat Bana

Word guessing game for iOS, developed with objective-c.

Gravi Bird

Endless runner game, developed with Unity and C#.

Chat Application

Instant messaging application.

Mobile Chess

Chess game for iOS and android, developed with swift.


Board game for iOS, developed with swift.

E-Commerce Application

E-commerce application for iOS.

Domain Keeper

Domain tracking application.

Web Bots

Web bots for web sites, developed with C#.

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Work Experience

Software Engineer, iOS - Kokteyl (2016 - Present)

- Developing iOS applications and libraries.

Software Engineer - Compello (2016 - 2016)

- Full stack web development.

Software Engineer - YCEO Mühendislik (2012 - 2016)

- Team leader of mobile programming team
- iOS programming on both Objective-C and Swift
- Developing mobile games using Unity
- Managing whole mobile application development process on android, iOS and windows platforms
- Developing web bots on C#.

Intern - Yeditepe Yazılım (2009 - 2009)

-Improve programming skills,
-Developing personal tracking application on visual basic.